america's cup 36
  • Mariantic started on the Internet with AC27 and here we go again... When? - Where? - Who? - What boats?
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What are they saying?
  • Guess we'd better start keeping an eye on 52Super Series
    • BAR joining with Gladiator
    • Quantum in with Dean Barker helming?
  • Is this how it works?
  • Artemis "very passionate" about the direction the America's Cup was heading in - Newshub
  • AC75 class discussions pre-release to take place with "interested teams" - NZHerald
    • before end of November
    • will show "design mock-ups of the boat and a vision for how it will sail, as well as an idea of what will be one-design or supplied components"
  • Ideas on the pre-Regatta locations -
    • Bermuda, Newport possible..
    • “traditional venues with good wind and good viewing”
  • Emirates to continue TNZ sponsorship -
  • Some more thoughts on the boat design from Seahorse
  • “We are looking at the complete spectrum of what you could imagine in monohulls,” another Dan Bernasconi interview
  • Little hope of Artemis participation - sailweb
  • Interesting interview with Terry Hutchinson - Scuttlebutt
  • Bella Mente Quantum Racing Association to mount challenge for New York Yacht Club with CEO/skipper Terry Hutchinson - more PR
  • So we have NZL, ITA, GBR and USA for AC36 - more would be nice, but not essential...
  • Richard Gladwell interview with Russel Green on the legal stuff from the Protocol
  • and his interview with Dan Bernasconi on the boat design
  • Watch for more news...

  • WHEN?
    • First boat launched after 31 March 2019
    • Second boat launched after 1st February 2020
    • America’s Cup World Series:
      • Two regattas in the second half of 2019
      • Three regattas in 2020
    • America’s Cup Christmas Race:
      • 10th- 20th December 2020
    • The Challenger Selection Series:
      • January / February 2021
    • America’s Cup Match:
      • March 2021

  • WHERE?
    • America’s Cup World Series:
      • No indication as yet - guesses
        • 2019 Italy & NZ?
        • 2020 Bermuda, Italy, UK Solent, USA RI?
        • “traditional venues with good wind and good viewing” - Russell Green
    • America’s Cup Christmas Race, The Challenger Selection Series & America’s Cup Match:
      • Auckland or Sardinia
      • Precise location announced by 30th August 2018 (probably by 30th June 2018)

  • WHO?
    • Defender
      • Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron
        • Team New Zealand
    • Challenger of Record
      • Circolo Della Vela Sicilia
        • Luna Rossa Challenge
    • Challengers Entries open 1st January 2018
    • Entries close 30th June 2018
    • Late entries are accepted up until 31st December 2018
    • Challengers confirming intention to enter:-
    • Rumoured challengers - I'll cross them off when they confirm one way or the other
    • Hints
      • US West coast team
      • Another Swiss team (Tilt?)
      • Other Italian teams (Azzurra? Mascalzone Latino?)
      • Others (Germany (SAP)?, China?)
      • Is Artemis really out?
      • ORACLE is out


  • What Boats?
    • 75 foot, high performance monohull boats governed by the
      AC75 Class Rule
    • Concept published 30th November 2017
    • AC75 Class rule published 31st March 2018
    • Objectives:-
      • Suitable for head to head match racing and close competition
      • To permit technological development to spearhead the development of sailing and
        maintain the America’s Cup as the world’s premier sailing event
      • Relevance to the sport of sailing & connection to its community of sailors
      • For the yachts to be demanding to sail, rewarding top level skill for all sailors on the
      • To provide competitive racing in light and stronger wind conditions
      • To provide safe position for a guest racer on board the yacht
      • To incorporate practical requirements for the launching, retrieval and transporting
      • To be sailed by a crew of approximately 10- 12 sailors
    • Some thoughts via Richard Gladwell...a must read

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